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Andaman And nicobar Island: A magical trip

andaman and nicobar
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Meagerly populated seashores that give way to a sea overflowing with intriguing marine life and coral nurseries are only one reason to visit the wonderful Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Gandhi Park, Sippighat Farm and the extremely old Cellular Jail (presently a journey objective) give looks into the wide span of time of these serene islands with a secretive and multicultural past.

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Now you would be wanting to know why the man and the Nicobar Islands are so magical that people just leave their hearts out there. It is one of the most fascinating destinations in India and also on the top list for all those Adventures seekers. 

Cellular Jail – Light and sound show

Pay attention to the stories of the torments of the brave political dissidents that have had to deal with a ton of disturbance. Witness the exhibition of a light and sound show and make your evening fun and educated by seeing this portrayal of the set of experiences and scenes of India’s battle for the opportunity. Dig into the historical backdrop of Indian Independence as the prison has recently been announced as the National Memorial and an unquestionable requirement visit place in Andaman. 

Havelock Islands 

Havelock Island is one of only a handful of exceptional spots where unpracticed jumpers can evaluate a solitary plunge as opposed to pursuing a full course. The water is overflowing with exotic fish, ocean turtles, stingrays and considerably more. It additionally has a sound populace of bright live corals. Best of all, you don’t need to be a swimmer to attempt scuba plunging.

The precious stone blue waters are obvious to the point that you can constantly choose swimming if you have any desire to skip scuba jumping. There is likewise an incredible evening kayaking endeavour that takes you through the mangroves. The unrealistic and unbelievable Christian Bluewater along with the beautiful and colourful corals which you see inside during scuba diving on this Island will be the most wanted experience of your life. The fishes and the other Ocean creatures pass by you. 

Elephant Beach 

Now after hearing this name, if you are wondering if you will see an elephant on this beach then let us tell you that it is not like that. Just like the name is so you need even this place will be the most unique place you have ever come across in your life. Elephant beach ocean side may be difficult to get to, however, the magnificence of the spot more than compensates for the work.

The ocean side highlights a few faded driftwood and logs that give a great background to a photograph operation. This is additionally an optimal spot to go swimming. Although it is a little tough to get to this place but trust me it is worth it. As you know, the most beautiful things are not easy to get or experience. You have to go through a little hardship but in the end, it will be worth it. 

Mangrove Kayaking

Mangrove Kayaking is an exhilarating yet loosening up experience to enjoy while in Andaman. You can visit the lavish green mangroves of the Andaman that contain around 1/fifth of India’s complete mangrove cover while you wander through the waters of Andaman. The sound of nature will charm your brain and soul as you gradually coast in the midst of the lavish plant life, the quiet climate of the mangroves is totally tranquil and the ideal opportunity to loosen up. 


The lavishness in its vegetation, alongside perfect white sand seashores and dazzling perspectives on the Bay of Bengal, this arrangement of islands generally ends up being an incredible objective for explorers. In the event that you have bright skies, brilliant seashores, shimmering oceans, and interesting environs at the forefront of your thoughts, get your sacks pressed for an outing to Andaman! Inferable from the always inviting climate and the tranquil coastlines there’s a wide exhibit of tomfoolery and outdoorsy activities in Andaman.

Neil Island

Neil island is renowned for its coral reefs and white shores. The best chance to visit its seashores is during the mornings and nights. The morning time is particularly great for individuals who might want to go swimming and partake in the perspective on the coral reefs situated here. On account of the excellence of the reefs situated here, Neil islands are frequently named the coral capital of Andaman. 

All of the above activities or places make those Islands wonderful, stunning and magical places to be in. It will make you dwell in the beauty of the place. Such that it will be one of the best trips ever in your life. It is a place one should everyone at least once in their lifetime because if you didn’t see this then you didn’t live your life to the fullest.  

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