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A Detailed Guide on How to Choose the Laptop for Gaming & Professional Work

A Detailed Guide on How to Choose the Laptop for Gaming & Professional Work
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In 2021, India sold 8,00,000 gaming computers, up from 40,000 in 2016.

In the wake of the global pandemic, one of the essential changes in the laptop market was the emergence of all-in-one solutions to cater to those who needed to study, work, play, or do everything on a single device.

This caused a surge in the sales of gaming laptops.

The entire world is going high-tech, and so are its people. Everyone now needs a laptop to conduct a variety of tasks, including gaming and professional work. People want powerful laptops to accomplish their job or enjoy the best games. 

To choose a laptop for gaming and professional work, one needs to be aware of their requirements to get the device that would fit them the best.

This guide will help find the best gaming and professional laptop.

Attributes to look for before buying a gaming laptop

A few elements to look for before purchasing a laptop for gaming are:

  1. Storage

Budget gaming laptops usually come with only a hard drive with at least 1TB of space. However, most gaming laptops also include a small SSD (solid-state drive) to serve as a boot drive. 

If buyers can get their hands on a larger SSD, it might help them boot up the system faster, but it will cost them a lot more money.

Further, storage on gaming laptops, like memory, is frequently upgradeable. One can add a 2TB or larger storage if they require additional space.

  1. Display

Whether one chooses an HP, Asus, or another laptop, the correct display, which includes resolution, size, and refresh rate, can have a significant impact on the overall experience.

  • When it comes to resolution, something in the 1080p–1440p range is ideal. This is because as the resolution of the screen grows, more pixels appear on the screen, perhaps resulting in a clearer image.
  • A display with a greater refresh rate can make on-screen activity appear smoother and simpler to follow. This is accomplished by redrawing the image at a faster pace. Look for 120Hz, 144Hz, or greater base refresh rates.
  • Larger displays allow for more immersive viewing. Therefore a 15-inch or 17-inch model is recommended.
  1. CPU and GPU & RAM

Games necessitate a lot of resources, so whichever laptop one selects, make sure it has a good: 

  • CPU (Central processing unit) 
  • GPU (Graphics processing unit), and 
  • RAM (Random-access memory)

In terms of RAM, go for anything in the 8GB–16GB range, and for CPU, current generation i7 or i9 processors work well. The GPU inside is also important to gamers, and it will depend upon whether they are a beginner or a pro.

Attributes to look for before buying a professional laptop

A few elements to look for before purchasing a laptop for professional work are:

  1. Performance

Though GPU is not equivalent when looking for a professional laptop, the CPU and RAM are still important considerations. 

Intel i5 processors are adequate for office work, whereas i7 and i9 processors can handle more demanding jobs. In terms of RAM, an 8GB module will let professionals complete all jobs without difficulty.

  1. Dimensions 

When choosing a professional laptop, portability and versatility are vital. Laptops with 13 or 14-inch screens are more easily portable than 15-inch systems. Additionally, dimensions also affect weight, so one needs to carefully consider which laptop to purchase. A 2-in-1 hybrid laptop, which allows converting the laptop into a tablet, is more beneficial if someone needs flexibility.

  1. Interfacing options

Getting hands-on with a good keyboard with quick access to all favourite shortcuts is necessary. Laptops today have touchscreen capabilities, and these can greatly enhance productivity. 


A powerful laptop is a must-have gadget for tech-savvy people. The laptop users are not just limited to the professionals but are now also used by the gaming enthusiasts to play their favourite games.

Buying a laptop is always an expensive affair, and the desire to own one’s dream laptop can be quite overwhelming. If someone is more of a techie and wants to own the best laptop of their choice, they can buy it with EMI. 

EMI is a simple and convenient way for them to buy a laptop, and they do not have to pay the entire amount in one go.

When buying HP laptops on EMI, borrowers need to pay attention to the total cost of the purchase, the interest rate, and the loan period, as all of these can impact their finances. 

Thus, opt for an EMI today and quickly get your dream gaming or professional laptop!

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