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8 skincare mistakes to avoid when you have acne-prone skin

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Acne sufferers are well aware that it’s a serious chronic-relapsing condition that can cause many skin problems.

It needs to be treated with dermatological treatments. However, to prevent it from returning, you need to maintain a consistent beauty routine and avoid making simple mistakes that could lead to further complications.

Do you know How To Use Hibiclens For Acne? Learn what to avoid and how to prevent the flaws of acne-prone skin.


Which type of skin is acne-prone?

It is important to know how to navigate yourself and which series you are off to set up a beauty regimen for acne-prone skin.


Types of Acne

Juvenile Acne is a condition that affects adolescents. The most common causes are familiarity and hormone fluctuations, which are typical for the ages of 13-and 18 years.

Later acne affects adults in their twenties. The causes of the rash are many and can be severe. It is important to identify any other conditions that may have contributed to the condition.


Mistakes to avoid:

Avoiding mistakes that could be harmful to your skin is a good way to avoid making them, especially if you are acne-prone.


Try natural remedies

Do-it-yourself and organic scrubs can contain high levels of active ingredients from natural origin, which could cause adverse reactions. This can worsen the skin’s inflammatory condition. It is important to consult a trusted specialist before using products that can only cause harm.


Use rich moisturizers

Basic acne skin doesn’t need any additional hydration. Even though the surface layer may seem dry, it is best to avoid adding nourishment as this can clog pores and cause an exponential rise in blackheads and pimples.


Use mild soap and sulfur soap

Sulfur soap could be the answer. The skin appears less shiny and exfoliated in the initial days.

However, the use of neutral soap is strongly discouraged as it can react with water and become alkaline. This will cause the skin to become slightly acidic.


Cortisone-based creams are recommended

Cortisone creams should not be used if prescribed by your dermatologist for severe acne. Unpleasing relapses can occur which may increase the likelihood of pimples and inflammation.


Take the white pimples and squeeze them.

It is tempting to get rid of unsightly white-tipped pimples. But you should not. You don’t want to make the pimples worse.

Squeezing the pimple can traumatize the skin leading to a scarring process or skin spots. The pimple will eventually dry by itself if you have patience and create a crust.


Excessive sun exposure and the use of sun oil

Tanning seems to improve your skin’s condition, but if the sun is too harsh, the skin will tend to protect itself by thickening or occluding your pores, which can lead to worsening acne.

The solar oils act like comedogens. This causes an explosion of pimples which usually occurs within a few days.


Use lotions that contain alcohol and antiseptic ingredients

Repeated use of lotions that remove the skin’s hydrolipidic layer, simply because it is believed that this will eliminate acne, is wrong. To restore normalcy, will produce twice the amount of skin oil after altering the skin’s ecosystem.


Repeat the process of touching your face

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making simple, unconditional gestures that bring your hands up to your face. However, these gestures can lead to many impurities such as bacteria or dust that will aggravate the already existing inflammation.

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