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 Online commercial marketplaces are accounted to have acquired $1.66 Trillion in 2018. The incomes produced by large companies like Alibaba, e-inlet, and Amazon represented in excess of 50% of the global sales year ago. Global e-retail sales currently account for 18% of all retail sales and are anticipated to increase to 21.8% by 2024. With such a large market, we may expect a huge increase in the number of SMEs experimenting with e-Commerce businesses.

We are going to give you seven of the greatest examples of internet retail stores in order to inspire you to get that business started. Thus following are 7 of the best e-commerce stores to inspire new e-tailers.


Hush Puppies is a well-known e-Commerce business in the United States that sells informal shoes, boots, formal shoes, sandals, and more. The company’s motto is to inspire people to live brighter lives, which is reflected in the website design. Hush Puppies employ a lot of white space and bright pink, yellow, and blue colors.

According to e-CommerceDB (for the firm’s web in Pakistan), the company generated $3.5 million in e-Commerce sales in 2020 and has a global rank of 11,578. Everything has been handled flawlessly by this unique shoe brand.

The optimal logo placement, many product categories, and filters by size, width, color, materials, and other factors have made it simple for consumers to get the greatest fit for their feet.


IKEA is making use of augmented reality, which works wonderfully for any e-Commerce company. With a sales target of $5.9 billion, the furniture-selling company turned to retail e-commerce app development with A.R. features. Users of the IKEA Place app may use their app’s camera to scan an area. Users can test more than 2000 different furniture items after scanning the room to identify the ones that match the area’s decor. The app’s 3D rendering achieves a level of accuracy of over 90%.

IKEA’s augmented reality software improves conversion by providing consumers with detailed information about the furniture they purchase online. It allows consumers to choose the finest furnishings for their room. Because the chances of mismatching in product quality promised and delivered are significantly reduced, AR-based features on eCommerce effectively reduce the rate of product returns.


Sephora, a well-known cosmetics company, is utilizing Augmented Reality to increase sales and revenue. Virtual Artist was included in the app by the online app development team, allowing customers to test out different hues and full-face looks before purchasing them.

The software succeeds in providing a pleasurable experience for ladies by allowing them to explore numerous looks in only a few clicks. Furthermore, the software allows people to take selfies, which adds to the game’s fascinating aspect. 3DTry On enables consumers to make educated decisions and lowers product returns, resulting in increased sales and income.

Body Bliss

The e-Commerce shop design at Body Bliss takes a simple approach. The firm supplies a variety of skincare products made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. The brand generates a million-dollar income each year while having just six workers.

Body Bliss’ e-Commerce platform features huge photos and larger letters, making it easy for customers to locate what they’re looking for. The Body Bliss websites show you how to make a reputation for yourself in the eCommerce sector even if you only sell a few things.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

It is a stunning website with vibrant colors and images. The ice cream shop from California is at the top of the list of the greatest U.S. e-Commerce sites in terms of U.I. and UX. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream cleverly employs close-up product shots of delectable ice creams.

It provides users with immediate access to the company’s core product. The internet page explains how outstanding product photos aid in the development of a brand image among consumers. The brand, which generates $30 million in yearly revenue, exemplifies how to make the most of e-Commerce platforms.


Natori is one of the greatest luxury clothes e-commerce sites in the United States. For the last 40 years, the firm has been a B2B business, supplying items to wholesale customers. However, in the previous 10 years, the organization has established a captivating e-Commerce shop by exploiting the retail alternative.

Natori is an amazing example of a website that sells a variety of women’s clothes, including bras and lingerie, sleep and leisure items, and so on. The e-Commerce website has proclaimed its desire to achieve greater success by utilizing the most recent e-Commerce developments, such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and so on.


Skullcandy is a famous brand that sells audio accessories. They were able to provide consumers with quick and easy search alternatives. The designed website has a low bounce rate and a high conversion rate. BigCommerce named Skullcandy’s website the best new website design of 2018. With its new e-Commerce website, Skullcandy saw a 214 percent rise in income and a 122 percent increase in orders year over year.


All these examples are great for inspiring in order to step into the world of e-commerce.

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