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6 Reasons Why To Pursue The Advanced Diploma In Telecommunications Engineering

6 Reasons Why To Pursue The Advanced Diploma In Telecommunications Engineering
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Today the importance of mobile has increased many times in the life of individuals. It has replaced various other gadgets in our day-to-day life. And the incoming future, its importance will increase. This means that there will be no shortage of jobs in the telecommunication sector. Here are some strong reasons you should enroll yourself for the advanced diploma in telecommunication network engineering. 

Strong sector

Our communication base has evolved and is also changing at a faster speed. From 2G to 3G and now 5G, all these development shows that all this continuous R & D is going through the sectors due to high demand or data-driven services. According to reports, broadband and mobile data have an existing 250 percent. The telecommunication sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Perth, Australia. There are various colleges in Perth, Australia, for international students that offer advanced diploma of information technology or telecommunication engineering courses. 

Earning Potential

Today, three major carriers operate in the telecom sector in Perth Subscription. They alone are responsible for providing high-speed internet and mobile connectivity. As of 2019, there is 7.82 million fixed telephone user in Australia. And this industry is worth 35 billion dollars which are expected to grow 34.2% by 2025. It means that there are plenty of job opportunities available in the market.     

Bright Future

The telecommunication sector in Perth, Australia, has started looking out for alternative and reliable energy resources. This is an excellent initiative by the industry to curtail its dependency on fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. This initiative has resulted in the start of an advancing renewal program by the Government of Australia, which has opened up new opportunities for the telecom sector.

Top universities

One other reason for Studying in Perth is that various universities offer an advanced diploma of telecommunications network engineering from the best colleges in Australia. This course provides the student with 8 subject credits for the bachelor’s degree. There is no better time to study this course and join this strong workforce with solid future.

Work in another country

The global telecom market size will be 1657.7 billion dollars by 2020, and this is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.4 CAGR from 2021-to 2028. This means there will be enough job opportunities available in the sector. There are many benefits for international students in Australia, like high standard of living, laid back nature, technology, and global recognition because of the unique education system, which assures to get a job in reputed organizations. 

Diversity of education 

Australian universities offer a wide range of courses and degrees. As an international student, you can find perfect courses for them. They are graduate, postgraduate, and diploma in the telecom sectors at some of the most reputed colleges in Perth, Australia. Another benefit of being an international student in Australia is working up to 20 hours per week while studying. 

Wrap Up

Stanley college Australia is one of the best and leading colleges in Perth which offers various degrees and diploma courses which attracts students from all across the world. It has a team of highly experienced well qualified staff which provides unparallel education to its students. If you want to give your career a good start then there is no other institute better than this. 

As a student you get the exposure to meet students from different background and countries which will help you in future endeavors to work effectively in a team. At Stanley, there approach is to integrate skills with knowledge so that you are job ready after completion of course.    

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