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6 Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Environmentally Conscious People

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Gifts are one such thing, which are widely cherished worldwide. Almost no such people on this Earth will say, “No, I don’t like gifts!” But in today’s superfast and practical life, we have forgotten the most significant gift given to us by mother Earth. 

And in return, what are we doing? We are just increasing a considerable amount of carbon footprint with each passing second. 

And in this, one more contributing factor is gifts. 

How? Yes, most of the gifts provide momentary happiness, and the majority of them come with a vast packaging which is nothing but only waste. So here comes our responsibility to use eco-friendly gifts for our loved ones, friends, family and every gift recipient. 

And in countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman & rest of middle-east, where according to their geographical location, making a direct connection with the harmful UV rays and increasing amount of pollution, according to the World Health Organization, immediate action for the betterment of air quality must be taken. So in places such as this, our primary role must be to lessen the amount of carbon footprint as much as we could do. And for instance, here, we can look up such listicles like eco-friendly gifts in Dubai, which gives us a clear vision of such products.

But how can we recognise which ones are eco-friendly gifts or how to understand their importance? Here, we provide a list of eco-friendly gift ideas, the values associated with the present, and whom to gift on occasion. So many of these questions are answered here. So, without much time, let’s delve into it.

What does an eco-friendly gift mean?

Every day we come across many terms such as “environmentalism”, “sustainable”, “degradable”, or “reusable”. But what these words mean, no one knows. So eco-friendly means a product or event which will have less harmful effects on the environment. In addition, it can provide various add-ons such as ‘having fewer carbon footprints’, ‘easily degradable’, ‘recyclable’ or ‘reusable’.  

#1. Best eco-friendly gift ideas for your business

A business runs with real minds and laborious hard work. And sometimes, appreciating them with a small token of love is equally important. So why not an eco-friendly gift? 

You can also look at the list of staff appreciation gifts, which are always the best option for a friendly relationship with staffs. These gifts are not only for environmentally conscious people but also for those unaware of the current environmental conditions, and it becomes a small initiative to make them aware. 

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(a) Cork & Recycled Wheat Straw Retractable Ballpoint Pens

This set of twenty recyclable ballpoint pens would be a lovely gift for environmentally friendly people. And if any business would provide such an efficient gift to its customers, workers, or employees, it would do nothing but showcase the eco-friendly identity of the company. The pen’s body is made up of cork which is again a sustainable resource. However, due to heavy compression, while it’s processing, it would also provide a smooth and sleek touch.

(b) Coconut Bowls with Wooden Spoons


The Suvana Bowls and wooden spoons are nothing but a gift of perfection with an additional effect of an eye-catchy presentable gift. This item caught our attention because these bowls are both unique and durable. It is made after recycling coconut shells to turn them into properly usable bowls. The woody texture would help you in giving an elegant touch to your ordinary steel or glass utensils. These can be used for serving salads, lentils, ice cream and whatnot. Imagine having a spoonful of ice cream from this unique cup, and this will simply transform you into an exotic time.

(c) Digital Shipping Postal Scale with Ac Adapter

This gifting item provides a multi-purpose platform for all kinds of weight lifting works. It has a maximum capacity of 50lbs and a digital screen display. It also allows resetting the value to zero before lifting a further weight. Therefore, this present would be a cost-effective one. In addition, it would serve many works at a time. Gifting such an all-rounder gift would benefit the recipient and provide a long-lasting impression of the giver.

(d) Reusable Notebook Cover & Rocketbook Cover

Often, we do meetings, seminars, and conferences to benefit our businesses. And before joining such platforms of discussions, the host companies or organisations provide a helpful kit which generally consists of a pamphlet regarding the seminar, for instance, a pen, a disposable water bottle, and a notepad. So in case, we provide the notepad along with this reusable cover and imprint the company/organisation’s logo on it, this will be beneficial in the long turn. One the gift will indeed look gorgeous. But, on the other hand, each time the reusable cover would be used in the future, the logo would do the work of public relations, taking forward the company/organisation’s goodwill to the masses.

(e) Honeycomb Packing Paper

This is a kind of nature-friendly gift idea which will, in turn, be used in wrapping gifts further. This honeycomb packing paper is a helpful tool for wrapping moving fragile or breakable items. And due to its nature of being an alternative to the bubble cushioning wrapper, it also provides an eco-friendly nature. So gifting this will be helpful for the recipient as there may be a few people who are unaware of such eco-friendly products. And while using this, there is no need to use scissors or cello tapes, and you can easily tear up from the place you want. This way, the honeycomb packing paper is a hassle-free tool.

(f) Bamboo Tea Tumbler with Infuser & Strainer

This is once again a very delicate and unique gift item to leave a mark in the minds of the recipients. The bamboo tea tumbler comes with an insulated stainless steel thermos which will help in keeping the warmth intact for hours. However, unlike the non-reusable insulated thermos, this is made up of bio-degradable materials and helps in reducing the use of plastic. As a result, there are no harmful chemicals which get mixed with the container’s contents and, in turn, become poisonous. Thus, the Leaflife Bamboo insulated thermos is indeed an eco-friendly gift item.


We hope you enjoyed our blogpost on eco-friendly gift ideas. There are many options out there that are eco-friendly and you can find many of them at your local store, but we wanted to provide a list of best eco-friendly gift ideas for people who are environmentally conscious. We hope that this blog post helps you come up with a thoughtful gift for an eco-conscious recipient. We also hope you’ll find this blog post helpful for when you are shopping for your own gift list.

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